January Son is Alexander Lewis, a solo artist from the California Bay Area. The Problem of Other Minds is the band’s sophomore release, following 2014’s Occitan Reverb. The Problem of Other Minds furthers the band’s mission to make lyrically dangerous, emotionally driven music. Inspired by the likes of Damien Jurado, Midlake, Spoon, The National, Bon Iver, Bruce Springsteen, and Elvis Costello. January Son is country flavor, rock with a folk spirit, melodic darkness, and killer harmony. Alexander is also one half of Mustache and Cleavage, his musical adventure with Amy Kelly.


The Problem of
Other Minds


The Problem of
Other Minds

It’s something I think about a lot: how would you know if you were in The Truman Show? Let’s say there were never any glitches, how would you know what you think is your life is not actually a simulation? Or that everyone else in the universe is not just part of your imagination. This, in super simple layman’s terms, is The Problem of Other Minds. This video delves a bit deeper into it.

This EP of three songs, like my first album, was a labor of love. I hope you enjoy it.

Here are some thoughts as I reflect on these songs at this point, many months after having first heard them in my head….

We all need a little shelter from the storm these days. I dedicate “Umbrella” to everyone standing out in the rain, wondering, How did I get here?

“Avalanche” started out on piano but morphed in the studio into something a bit heavier. It was only after we finished the arrangement that I realized it’s about my fear of my own bad temper.

“Careful” is a slow burn on piano. This is me trying to unravel my parents as human beings, reflecting on what they must have gone through raising kids. I’m currently trying to solve that puzzle with my own kids. It’s one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written.


Occitan Reverb

Occitan Reverb

Occitan Reverb is the title of a poem written by my dear friend and favorite poet, Rodney Koeneke. It was published in his book, Etruria. He has graciously allowed me to reprint the poem in its entirety:

The leaf swings: I don’t hold it

it’s on to other subjects

once new, now pushed by low sighs

whose melodies are easy

I see them move in bitter air

though sweet in place and season

its leaves

that soon will prosper

the bad will be over

the sweet will enter my heart

it will be sweet there

in turn for each pain

Please visit Rodney’s author’s page to find out more about him.